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Stress today seems to have pervaded all elements of our lives, it has become a global epidemic.  We are stressed about employment and politics, financial deficiencies, our relationships, our fitness and our body shape along with our health and what we are eating.  

With all this stress floating around like dust in a sunbeam how do we know if what we are feeling is productive stress or harmful stress.   A way of answering this question is how does our body feel and how are we treating our bodies.  Are we

– Feeling tense, dissatisfied or bored 
– Having mood swings and changes i.e. anger/hostility; depression; anxiety
– Have poor memory & concentration or decision making ability
– Excessively smoking, drinking alcohol or eating
– Feeling overwhelmed, helpless or constantly thinking negative thoughts

How do we dim the noise to answer these questions.  When will the stress just stop so we can take control of our lives again and take the action we have been waiting for?

Truthfully the stress will never stop.  Mankind has had stress since dinosaurs were around.  It’s how we react to the stresses and how long we keep them around that will make all the difference. Over the next few posts I will highlight a few different ways you can support yourself and where to look for a little extra help along the way.  Stress is part of our lives, but it does not have to be the ruling element.  

TIP #1 – Take control of your inner voices.  Don’t try to ignore your inner speech, simply give your mind something positive to contemplate.  Read inspiring stories (both fictional and non fictional), listen to inspiring words and music (audiobooks, uplifting music, seminars) watch inspirational movies and shows (sometimes harder to find but go back to the movies of your childhood to get the happy flowing), and finally look at inspirational images (art and nature can offer some truly amazing images to inspire us).  Make this tip part of your daily routine and your inner voices will support you rather than hinder you. 

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Natalie is the owner of Vital Wellbeing. She is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Reiki master and Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist. Promoting physical and emotional wellbeing through herbal and nutritional support in conjunction with tactile and energetic modalities she encourages everyone to engage with their own health.

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